Some of these features really are dealing with pain points and reducing friction, which of course are more than welcome for me as a creator. Better UX/UI for creators, better control over of our creations, ease of purchase for collectors , better social support - all wonderful. and much needed. However, a huge pain point (maybe even bigger than ease of access for the mainstream) is discoverability. By this I mean, as an artist on OpenSea it's extremely difficult to get exposure for my art in an ocean of millions of listings. The sales I do make are from collectors using the poor search functions to find specific artworks by name. Some of my art is easy to find with search, but other stuff is not. Art is visual, and discovery should come from collectors viewing a work and feeling a connection. Scrolling through endless PFPs or uncategorized images is exhausting. Leaderboards just funnel buyers to the popular creations, and theres only so much space available on a screen to feature artists. Without something new to fix the problem of discoverability, Coinbase risks just being a slightly better, but bigger, OpenSea. Even if Coinbase just emulate the Amazon model of suggestions to buyers based on their interests and interests of people like them, it's a huge step forward. But there really needs to be more complex filtering and categorization of creations to cut through the noise for collectors and help them discover a wider range of artists beyond who is popular or pumped by a marketing team.

Pop-Art-ish digital artist. My work is available predominantly as NFTs. I write about trying to make my way as a new NFT artist